the different types of tiles and the benefits

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the different types of tiles and the benefits

have you finished putting the chingol on the roof and have adjusted it most appropriately, it was resistant and was ready to finish. If you are considering laying tiles, we need to talk about the different materials and their benefits, because depending on your preference, we will inform you about it and we will also teach you each of the possibilities that we have at our disposal.

What are the advantages of laying tiles?
In addition to the aesthetic aspect, the tiles serve to protect the roofs from the weather and are perfect thermal insulators, waterproof, fire-retardant, and maintain the ventilation of the roof, thus maintaining a cool interior temperature. In addition to the variety of materials, styles, and colors, each type of tile has different shapes that also play an important role in the roof, mainly channeling water, leaves, and hail or snow.

Below we will see four types of tiles according to the material from which they are made and their advantages and disadvantages:

Ceramic tiles: this type of tile has a clean and simple aesthetic finish, they are resistant to inclement environmental conditions, so their maintenance is very low since they reject dirt and fungi.

Clay tiles: they are quite economical and durable but do not withstand heavy weights or blows, therefore, they generally require maintenance at least once every two years. In other words, you cannot stand on it, nor can stones or debris fall, as they can break.

Wooden tiles: they come with an antifungal treatment and give a fairly defined aesthetic finish to the house. But like any other type of roof, they require maintenance, before the other materials under the tile deteriorate.

Metal tiles: ideal for places of rain and sudden climatic changes, since they are resistant to natural phenomena such as hurricanes, storms, hail showers, or different types of blows. This type of shingles has an impeccable metallic finish, smooth and requires little maintenance.

Cement tiles: they are the cheapest and most resistant. They also come in a wide variety of colors and have a lifespan of up to fifty years.

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Benefits of having a roof in optimal conditions.

Shingles are an excellent roof covering for any home, protecting us from rain and moisture, insulating us from heat and dust.
Its shapes, flat, smooth, rectangular, or mixed curves, its finishes, its colorations, and its correct placement favor insulation, giving its style to your home and offering it a fresh interior atmosphere.
The tiles can protect against weather phenomena such as rain, snow, wind, cold, or heat, thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of the material, which aid in sealing, keeping your home free of water leaks. thermal insulation, power To save on heating, they also help resist frost and fire, insulate against noise pollution, and their materials are completely friendly to the environment. Apart from this, good roof inadequate conditions significantly increase the monetary value of our property.

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