Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

Service Overview

Problems with toilets can cause inconvenience and water loss, and even lead to unsanitary conditions and water damage in your home. A number of repair options can keep your toilet working properly and efficiently to prevent high water wills and damage from potential leaks.

Many toilet problems can be resolved with simple repairs. If your toilet does not fill or flush properly, runs continually, or leaks from the tank or base, your plumber can probably have your toilet in good working order by making adjustments and replacing certain parts. Problems with waste and vent lines may require work on your home’s drain-waste-vent system though, which can be more complex but is essential to maintaining good drainage.

No matter the issue, repairing a damaged or poorly functioning toilet can prevent water loss and improve performance. Contact a licensed plumber today to inspect your toilet and get it back in top shape.


Toilet Repair$


Common toilet repairs include simple valve, flapper and seal refits, replacement of water supply lines, resealing the wax ring between the toilet and floor, or installing new seats, lids, tanks, covers or bowls.

Toilet repair costs vary depending on the scope of the project and your location. On average, you can expect to pay between $85-$250 for labor. If your repairs call for a new bowl, tank, or entire toilet, the cost for materials will range between $100-$400.

A toilet that is constantly running is often the result of a faulty fill valve or flapper. These devices, found inside the toilet tank, control how much water enters the tank and the bowl. When one or the other is worn, damaged or adjusted incorrectly, the valve will continue to allow water to flow into the bowl. Most running toilets can be fixed by adjusting or replacing the flapper or fill valve.

Fresh water may leak from the tank of a toilet if it’s cracked, the seal between the bowl and the tank are not secure, or the water supply line is damaged or loose. Waste water may leak from the bowl or base of the toilet if it is cracked or the wax seal beneath the toilet and drain pipe is worn. Any leak from the toilet should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent unsanitary conditions and water damage.

A number of issues can prevent a toilet from flushing properly. A low water level in the tank or clogged inlet holes may not allow enough water to enter the bowl to flush properly. If the water supply seems correct but the bowl won’t drain, a clog in the trap or drain beneath the toilet is the likely cause.

Gurgling sounds from a toilet usually stem from air traveling in the wrong direction in the drain and ventilation system. In these cases, a blockage in the drain or vent line or inadequate venting are usually to blame, rather than a problem with the toilet itself.

Most toilet repairs can be completed quickly. Simple valve and supply line replacements can be done in less than one hour. Even more substantial repairs can be made within a few hours, including the installation of replacement tanks, bowls, wax rings, or an entire toilet.