Toilet Installation

Toilet Installation

Service Overview

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom or simply replacing an old toilet, Cunano Builders Corp will help find the best new toilet for you. Our professional plumbers are timely and courteous and offer full-service installation, including disconnecting and hauling away your existing toilet as well as making sure the replacement toilet works correctly.

If you haven’t started your project yet, you can purchase a new toilet online or in-store, choosing from hundreds of toilet styles and top brands, and add professional in-home installation for ease and convenience. Or maybe you’ve already purchased a toilet from Cunano Builder Corp or and ran into problems trying to install it yourself or no longer have the time to install your new toilet. We can help you finish the job and make sure it’s installed correctly.


Whether you purchase a toilet from a Cunano Builders Corp store or on, we can install it for you. Just visit the Service Desk or ask an associate at your local store about our toilet installation service. You may be able to add professional in-home installation to online purchases in some areas.

Our toilet installation service includes removal of your old toilet and installation of your newly purchased one; attachment of provided flange bolts, wax ring and supply line; testing of the new toilet; and debris cleanup. Please note that a toilet is not included in the price of installation.

Additional charges may apply for drain repair or to replace supply lines and shutoff valves. Specialty and concealed-trap toilets can only be quoted after a site visit due to the complexity of these installations. Toilets requiring electrical work are excluded. Installation costs vary, and prices are subject to change.

Yes. Toilet and toilet installation parts are not included in the price of installation. Please be sure you have your new toilet and all parts on hand prior to installation, including the flange or floor bolts, wax ring and supply line. Many of the toilets we sell come with a seat, but please check product details to be sure.

To be sure you select a toilet that is the correct size for your space, you’ll need to measure the rough-in. To get the rough-in size, measure the distance from the wall behind your existing toilet to the center of the floor bolts. If you have an older toilet with four bolts, measure from the wall to the rear bolts to get the rough-in. Standard rough-in sizes are 10, 12, and 14 inches. Round down to the nearest standard size.

No. Our in-home toilet installation service is only available for toilets purchased from Cunano Builders Corp.