Shower Repair

Shower Repair

Service Overview

Keeping your shower in good condition can prevent leaks and ensure you enjoy a nice, hot shower whenever you need one. Low pressure or faulty valves can cause frustration, but plumbing leaks, surface damage and drain problems can lead to more significant issues with water damage to the walls and floor around the shower.

The nature of the problems you have with your shower will help determine the extent of repairs and the right type of contractor for the job. Whether your issues are structural, cosmetic or plumbing related, the right pro can have your shower in good working order in no time.


Shower Repair$


Shower repair costs vary depending on the nature of the job, your location, and the condition of shower surfaces, fixtures and plumbing. Minor repairs to fixtures and surfaces may cost $85-$200, while more complex plumbing repairs could cost $500-$1,000 or more.

If your showerhead leaks or has low pressure, repairs can help ensure the shower functions properly without wasting water. If your shower surround or floor surfaces are cracked or if the supply lines, controls or drain are damaged, hidden leaks could do harm to the walls and floor of your bathroom and lead to more extensive structural repairs. Any of these issues should be corrected to prevent water damage and improve the appearance and operation of your shower.

A number of different repairs are available for showers that don’t work properly, are damaged or are leaking. Surface repair options vary with shower types and range from spot treatments for scratches and blemishes to patching cracks, replacing tiles, and complete refinishing. Issues with plumbing may involve the showerhead, controls, drain or supply lines. Upgrading showerheads and controls can both improve function and update the look of your shower, while making supply and drain repairs can provide important protection from leaks and water damage.

Making repairs to a damaged or blemished shower can extend its life by restoring its appearance and functionality and can prevent expensive water damage to other areas of your home. Whether to refresh the look of your bathroom, to straighten out a dripping shower head or repair leaking valves, shower repairs can provide a number of important improvements to your bathroom.

The time needed for shower repairs depends on the work that needs to be done and the accessibility of your plumbing. Most simple surface repairs can be made in a few hours, though more complex projects may take an entire day or more. Most plumbing and fixture repairs are also handled within two or three hours, but extensive work that requires access to supply and drain lines may take up to a full day.