Shower Head Replacement

Shower Head Replacement

Service Overview

Installing a new showerhead is a great way to enhance the overall appearance of your bathroom by adding a new, modern fixture to your shower. You can also replace a showerhead that isn’t working correctly or to reduce the amount of water used, which can also save you significant money on your utility bills.

Replacing an existing showerhead is usually a quick and straightforward job. Fitting a new showerhead where there hasn’t been one before is a more involved process that may require opening the wall behind your shower in order to install a new valve and water supply lines. In any case, an experienced pro can take the right steps to ensure your new showerhead is installed correctly, ready to provide years of trouble-free showers for you and your family.


Shower Head Replacement$


Depending on your location, labor costs for a simple showerhead replacement will run between $75-$150. You can expect to pay more if you choose to make repairs or plumbing changes at the time of install. The cost of a showerhead ranges from as little $5 for an economy single spray model to over $2,000 for a luxury model or multi-head kit.

You may want to replace your showerhead if you’re experiencing low water pressure or leaks from your showerhead, want more features, or are just ready for an upgrade. If you’re remodeling or adding a shower to an existing bathtub, running supply lines and installing the shower valve and head are an important part of the project.

Installing a new showerhead can provide improvements in both functionality and aesthetic design. Outdated models can easily be replaced with newer, more efficient showerheads to improve the overall appearance of your shower, as well as reduce the amount of water used daily. Added features, such as spray selection and handheld operation can make your shower even more convenient and enjoyable.

The connection between showerheads and the shower arm, or pipe, that comes out of the shower wall are generally standardized. There’s usually no guesswork when deciding if a new model will fit an existing shower, but there are several options to consider for the showerhead itself. Showerheads come in a variety of sizes with various features, so consider your needs when choosing to determine if you require a larger model or a smaller, low-flow version. The size of your shower and the height of the shower arm may have some influence on the effectiveness of a particular showerhead.

Different types of fixed-mount showerheads offer several options for water spray and versatility. These include a basic single spray, selectable spray, handheld, rain shower, vertical body spray, and even ceiling mount and adjustable height showerheads. Different types of showerheads also come in a wide range of models equipped with different pressure settings, water filters, and even eco-friendly options to suit each individual lifestyle.

Showerhead installation is a relatively simple process. Regardless of whether you’re replacing an older model or installing a new one entirely, it should take a pro less than 30 minutes to complete your project.