Shelf Mounting

Shelf Mounting

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When you need to increase storage space for anything from clothing to books, food, or household supplies, hanging shelves can offer an effective solution that won’t take up floor space with added cabinetry or furnishings.

However, to be both functional and stable, shelves must be leveled and installed securely. A professional installer has the know-how to hang shelves with proper support to create a useful and attractive storage system.

There is more to shelves than closet organization, though. Shelves can be used to create decorative display areas in any room, at any scale. Properly installed shelves are both attractive and functional and can be trusted to securely store almost any item.

Whether to display your family heirlooms or organize your linens, shelves can add both beauty and function to any space in your home. Hire a pro to ensure your shelves are hung correctly to support whatever you choose to put on them.


Shelf Mounting $


The cost to hang shelving depends on the type and number of shelves involved. For example, track systems are often simpler to install than multiple fixed shelves, while building and installing custom shelves can be very time-consuming and complex. In most cases, a pro can install prefabricated shelving systems for $125 to $400 in labor. Costs may also vary from location to location.

Shelves are available in a wide variety of styles to address both form and function. Decorative shelving is ideal for displaying decor such as picture frames or vases. This type of shelving can be installed individually or in groups to match the trim elements in a room or to offer its own aesthetic in wood, glass, metal or other materials. Adjustable shelving with metal or wood track and bracketing systems can be a practical and attractive way to increase your home’s storage capacity.

Before purchasing your shelving, consider how it will be used and where it will be installed. Decorative shelving should coordinate with your home’s decor and cover only a small amount of wall space. Utilitarian shelving could fill the walls of a pantry or closet and should be based on the size of the contents.

The first step in hanging shelving is to choose the right materials or system for the job. Depending on your storage or display needs, you may use shelves that require a track system or individual fixed shelves. With the shelf material on hand, your pro will confirm the layout of the shelving with you and plan for mounting based on the wall material and the location of wall studs. After installing appropriate hardware and cutting shelves or components to fit, your shelves can be mounted and ready to store or display whatever you have in mind.

Shelves must be properly leveled and anchored to prevent damage or collapse. Additionally, a pro can locate studs and install appropriate anchors and hardware to support your shelves, ensuring their stability. An experienced pro can also make recommendations for shelving solutions to meet your needs, or create custom shelves to suit the application.