Light Fixture Replacement

Light Fixture Replacement

Service Overview

Replacing a light fixture can improve more than just the lighting in your home. Whether you need to change out a faulty light or just put the finishing touch on a room, replacing an old light fixture can make a design statement and change the quality of lighting for a variety of uses. Upgrades in kitchens and work areas can provide bright task lighting, while dining and living areas may be more comfortable with fixtures that provide less direct lighting.

Appropriate lighting in any room can improve both function and comfort for your household. Be sure your light fixture replacement goes off without a hitch by hiring a qualified electrician. A pro will ensure your new fixture is suited for the job and is installed correctly, so that you can enjoy years of safe and reliable use.


Light Fixture Replacement$


Light fixture replacement averages $65-$175 for labor. This will depend on the location of your light fixture and the type of replacement. The cost for the fixture itself can run anywhere from $20 for a simple option to $1,500 or more for a chandelier. Your electrician can address how the features of your fixture, wiring, and room will affect your installation costs.

Most fixtures can be replaced in less than two hours. Modifications such as installing a different type of fixture, replacing a switch or rewiring may add an hour or more to the job. Installing a heavy chandelier or ceiling fan may require reinforcements to your ceiling or upgrades to the electrical box the fixture is mounted to.

Replacing a light fixture is often more economical than making repairs. If your existing fixture is damaged or isn’t working properly, a new fixture can ensure safe operation. However, you may also want to replace a light fixture to provide better task lighting or update the appearance of a room.

Unless you have previous electrical experience, you should always hire a licensed electrician for any electrical project. A qualified pro will give you confidence that your new fixture is installed safely.

Replacing a defective light fixture with one of the same style or type is a simple and economical way to restore your lighting. Upgrading to a more substantial fixture, such as a chandelier or ceiling fan/light combination can improve the appearance of a room. Converting to recessed, track or pendant lighting can provide focused light depending on your needs. Some changes and upgrades may require improved support in the ceiling or installation of a different switch which can make the project a bit more complex. Your electrician will cover the options with you so you can decide if it’s a good time to upgrade.