LED Interior Light Conversion

LED Interior Light Conversion

Service Overview

LED light conversion can reduce your energy consumption and electrical bill and result in easier maintenance. It can be a simple as changing to LED light bulbs or require converting or replacing some light fixtures.

Hiring a pro to complete your change to LED lighting simplifies the job and ensures your project will be done safely and correctly. A pro will come prepared with the supplies, tools, equipment and skills needed for the job, so you can enjoy your new lighting without ever hitting a ladder.


Prices for interior LED light conversions vary by location. They usually depend on how many fixtures are involved and the extent of the work. Swapping older light bulbs for new LEDs throughout a home is straightforward and can often be completed for $100-$200. Fitting conversion kits or replacing fixtures requires more time and could cost $50 to $150 per fixture.

Converting to LED can take no longer than changing a light bulb. However, if electrical work is necessary or your pro must fit conversion kits before changing bulbs, the process may take several hours.

LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. If you would like to reduce your energy consumption and electrical costs, converting to LED lights can provide an ideal solution. The longer lifespan of LED units can minimize replacement costs as well, especially if you hire a contractor or maintenance service for the task.

Like any work on light fixtures, converting to LED interior lighting can cause injury and damage if done improperly. Since accessing some fixtures may require ladders, tools or special equipment, contracting the job to a pro can ensure the work is done safely and correctly.