Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling

Service Overview

Let Cunano Builders help you find the right kitchen remodeling solution for your family’s lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re keeping the existing layout or starting from scratch, we can help you take your kitchen renovation ideas from inspiration to completion. Our kitchen designers help you get started by recommending the best products and the right layout for your new kitchen. Then, our kitchen remodel contractors will complete the renovation to transform your new space. Our contractors are licensed and insured and have the necessary experience to finish your kitchen project.

Cabinetry is a key ingredient for a new kitchen. Our install services give you virtually endless choices for renewing cabinets, from refacing to replacement.
Countertops, Sinks & Faucets
Make the time you spend in the kitchen more enjoyable with style and functionality. From countertops in the latest colors and materials to plumbing installations such as sinks, faucets and garbage disposals, we offer a range of kitchen services.
Finishing Touches
Take a look at our full menu of products and services including water softener installation, flooring installation and hardwood floor refinishing.

How it works

Plan & Design

3-8 Weeks
First, a Cunano Builders Installer will perform an in-home site analysis and collect measurements. Then, you will select your cabinets, countertops, appliances and upgrades with your designer. Your kitchen designer will produce a 3D rendering and design based on your project goals and product selections

Verify & Build

2-8 Weeks

Our Cunano Builders Installer will verify your design and provide a quote for installation. We offer credit solutions to maximize your remodel budget. Once your purchase is complete, production lead times vary based on the brand and level of customization you choose, but range from 1 to 6 weeks.
Install & Inspect
2-8 Weeks
Our Cunano Builders cabinet professionals will install your base cabinets, then our countertop fabricator will measure, fabricate and install your countertops. Once it’s finished, they’ll do a final walk-through to ensure you’re satisfied and the job meets our guidelines.


Kitchen Remodeling$


On average, you should invest 5-15% of your home’s current market value on a complete kitchen remodel (products and installation). Factor in 1/3 of the budget for cabinets, 1/3 for countertops, sinks, faucets and appliances and 1/3 for installation of the project.

The Home Depot’s Home Services team has a simple process to handle every part of your remodel:

  • We’ll start with a site analysis to understand your unique space.
  • You’ll work with one of our kitchen designers to create your design and select products.
  • We’ll perform a site verification to confirm the design, quote, and specs.
  • After you submit your payment, we’ll order your custom products and arrange for them to be shipped directly to your home.
  • During the pre-install stage, we’ll gather permits and confirm product delivery dates.
  • Once your products arrive, we’ll handle their installation from start to finish. The Home Depot keeps you in the loop through every stage of the process and our service providers clean the work area daily.
  • After the installation is complete, we’ll do a walk-through of your new kitchen to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction and according to our guidelines.

Our installers have the professional expertise needed to take accurate measurements throughout your kitchen that are essential to a safe remodel—this includes walls, windows, ceiling, soffits, plumbing, electrical, AC vents, and more. These measures are critically important when designing your kitchen. A simple mistake could lead to costly re-orders—but if our installers complete the measurements, The Home Depot assumes liability for any measure errors.

The Home Depot can do it for you. We’ll match you with one of our local, licensed installation professionals to make your dream kitchen a reality. The Home Depot can complete your entire remodel from beginning to end. Ask for more information during your in-store appointment.

The time it takes to remodel your kitchen depends on the size of your project, the amount of work needed, and product lead times. The process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, averaging 2-3 weeks for a small project and 4-12 weeks for a larger, more complex project. These time estimates include the ordering and delivery of your custom products. During your site verification, ask our qualified kitchen contractor how long your project should take.

Until your products arrive, you won’t need to make any changes. Once the remodel is ready to kick off, you can prep your home by doing the following:

• Start by removing anything hanging from kitchen walls. You’ll also want to remove curtains and any breakable light fixtures.
• Empty your cabinets and drawers and clear everything off your countertops. Pack away and label items during the time of the renovation, so things stay organized. Set aside any essential items in an accessible area for use during the remodel.
• Keep the construction space as empty and clean as possible during each project phase. This might even be the perfect time to donate items you rarely use.
• Prevent the spread of dust and debris and limit other damage by placing protective covers over floors and entryways to adjacent rooms.

We will take care of covering your floors and entryways to protect them during your remodel.

What should I do while my kitchen is being remodeled?

During your remodel, you’ll need to function without a working kitchen. Utilize small appliances and keep your pantry stocked with nonperishable grab-and-go items. Use biodegradable plates, cups, and utensils since you won’t have a working dishwasher. You can also take advantage of a grill or outdoor cooking area if you have one. You may also want to consider eating out with family or friends during this time. Being prepared ahead of time will greatly alleviate any stress you may have without a functioning kitchen during the remodel.

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