Impact Windows and Doors

Impact Windows and Doors

Service Overview

The best impact windows come in many different forms. For this reason, impact resistant windows prices always differ. With a plethora of different high impact window manufacturers, it should be no surprise that the prices differ significantly. Furthermore, the prices of impact windows are closely tied to how many windows you have in your house, the size of your windows, among other things.

With Cunano Builders, you have many different options. We are independent, meaning we do not work with any specific impact window manufacturer. This is great for you, the consumer, because we do not need to force any specific brand on you. Rather, we can identify what your needs are and recommend the best impact resistant window for your needs.

The great news is that most high impact windows get the job done. Whether you are looking for hurricane impact resistant windows or burglar proof impact windows, you will be proud to know all impact resistant windows we carry will get the job done. As a homeowner, the appearance of your impact windows are very important. With the different styles of impact resistant windows, it is important you select an impact window that not only matches your home, but an impact window you are happy with.

Impact Windows Cost & Prices

Some people search for impact windows Cunano Builders, but did you know their prices are higher than ours? This is because Cunano Builders has thousands of stores and employees they must pay for. Simply put, their overhead is astronomical compared to ours and they price these overhead costs into their products.

Cunano Builders enjoys a low overhead, along with exceptionally large volume meaning we can pass this savings on to you. This is why we are able to beat their pricing time and time again.

With some of the largest product offerings in the impact window industry, our goal is to not only offer wholesale pricing on the best impact resistant windows, but offer a superior customer experience. Our business is based off of satisfied customers referring their friends and family to us. For this reason, our team will do everything in our power to ensure your experience with us is a positive one. Do not let a sub-par contractor install your impact windows. We are frequently contacted by homeowners who have had this type of installation and our technicians must then fix the incorrect work. What seems like a good price in the beginning may come back to haunt you.



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During your initial appointment, one of our employs will inspect your existing windows, ask questions about your needs and budget, and take measurements of your work area. They will then provide a personalized estimate for the project and review financing options. When you’re ready to move forward, we will order your new windows, take payment and schedule a time for the installation. After your windows have been replaced, the installer will complete a final inspection, review product and service warranties with you, and remove your old windows and any debris.

There are two standard methods for installing windows. During the in-home appointment, your service professional will recommend the best method for your project during your free in-home consultation.

Pocket installation: In this method, which is also known as insert window installation, a brand new window is placed into an existing frame. It’s an ideal choice if your window frame and sill are in good condition, and you want to install the same size or style of window.

Full-frame window installation: With this method, your entire existing window is removed, including the frame and trim. The installation will include a brand new frame, trim, and even improved insulation. It is used when old frames have wood root or can’t be repaired, maximizing energy efficiency is a top concern, or the replacement window is a different size, shape or style.

Yes. No matter what type of window you choose, a new high quality window with thick, insulated glass is more energy efficient than an older, single-pane glass window. Cunano Builders offers a variety of ENERGY STAR®-qualified window glass options that are designed to save money on utilities and help protect the environment. You can maximize energy savings with low-E4, dual-pane, or triple-pane glass with gas insulation windows. During your free in-home consultation, we’ll calculate the potential energy savings and increased home value you can expect from installing new windows.

After 20-25 years, your windows should be inspected by a licensed professional to see if they need to be replaced. While repairing windows may temporarily reduce costs, installing new windows is well worth the investment. If you see cracking or peeling around window exteriors, feel drafts, or frequently see condensation, it may be time to replace your windows.

We replace and install top-quality windows from many industry-leading brands, including Andersen Windows and Doors, American Craftsman, Jeld-Wen Windows and Doors, Ply-Gem and Windows and Doors by Simonton. Schedule a free in-home consultation to see all the window options available in your area

Home Depot can install a single window or replace every window in your home, depending on your needs.

Properly maintaining your new windows will ensure they look great for years to come. Gently wiping window frames with a soft cloth will remove loose debris that collects over time. Window panes can be cleaned with a household glass cleaner and should be thoroughly dried to prevent streaking. Window screens can be removed and washed with warm, soapy water or left in place and cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.