Grab Bar Installation

Grab Bar Installation

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Installing grab bars in your bathroom can improve safety for everyone, especially individuals with poor balance or limited mobility. The slick materials and wet environment common in bathrooms make them particularly tough to navigate, so a little help from a secure and well-placed grab bar can go a long way.

Grab bars are commonly placed in and near showers and by toilets, where falls are most likely to happen. For the most security, safety bars should be fastened directly to wall studs with appropriate screws. If the layout of your bathroom doesn’t allow for ideal placement over studs, an experienced pro can add proper support with the installation of wall anchors or blocking added to the framing of the wall.

Ensure your grab bars are installed securely and perform as expected when it matters the most. Hire a pro for the installation to be sure your bathroom grab bars will provide the support you need.


Grab Bar Installation$


Grab bar installation costs vary depending on how many pieces need to be installed, whether modifications are needed to provide adequate support, and your location. A simple installation of one or two bars where studs are available for mounting can usually be done for $75-$150. If your installer must add support to the wall, the job could cost $200 or more and span a few days to allow time for repairs to the wall surface. The cost of each grab bar can range from $20-$200, depending on the quality and type of fixture.

Grab bars can be installed on most surfaces including tile, fiberglass, stone, drywall, concrete and wood paneling. Ask your pro or a Home Depot associate for more information.

Grab bars can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, doorways and other areas of your home.

To offer the most support, grab bars should be attached directly to the studs inside a wall. Your pro will drill through the wall material and mount the grab bar with appropriate screws or fasteners. In cases where a stud is not located in the ideal position for the placement of the bar, your pro may use an appropriate anchor or open the wall to install blocking, which acts as a substitute for a wall stud. Most grab bars are supplied with mounting hardware and fasteners, but your installer can provide additional materials if needed to modify the site, install the bars, or repair the wall after installation.

Proper installation is essential for grab bars to provide a safe means of support. An experienced pro can be sure your grab bars are mounted to an adequate structure, such as a stud or blocking added to the framing of a wall specifically for the installation. A pro can also be sure the installation is done with minimal damage to delicate surfaces, such as tile or acrylic shower surrounds.