Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor Coating

Service Overview

Finishing your garage floor can improve the appearance and value of the garage and simplify cleaning and maintenance. A number of options for coatings can provide a durable and lasting finish, whether you use your garage for heavy vehicle maintenance or for parking and storage.

A number of factors can contribute to the scope and expense of a garage floor painting project. Evaluate the current condition of your floor to anticipate repairs and preparation, and be sure to discuss site requirements with your contractor. Plan ahead for emptying your garage prior to painting in order to prevent costly delays, and consider how the fumes emitted during application of epoxy products may affect your family. Your pro can let you know which products are most effective for your garage floor, and if ventilation or drying conditions are of particular concern. With proper planning, a pro can ensure your garage has a high quality floor finish that will protect your garage for years to come.


Garage Floor Coating$


When hiring a professional contractor to coat your garage floor, it can cost between $240 and $800 to complete. Homeowners will pay, on average, $440 depending on the square footage, the type of coating, and the amount of surface preparation work required.

Coating a garage floor is time-consuming and extremely tedious. It can take several days alone to complete all preparation work before the project can even begin. Once the concrete has been cleaned, sealed, and primed, a professional can begin coating the garage floor for a polished new look.

A garage floor is typically made of concrete, which can crack and stain easily over time. Before any coating can be completed, labor-intensive prep work must be done to the surface and should be attempted by a pro for best results.

After a garage floor has been coated, you will begin to experience noticeable benefits from the recently treated cement. For one, every previous stain that absorbed deeply into the cement will no longer penetrate the surface. Your garage floor will also require less maintenance, as the newly coated floor protects against cracking in addition to acting as an extra layer of insulation.

The most commonly used products to coat a garage floor are latex paint, epoxy, and stain. Latex paint is less expensive and easy to apply, while epoxy and stain are a bit more difficult and will take longer to finish, but provide superior performance. Each product has its own benefits, colors, and designs specific to your needs and your garage.