Faucet Replacement

Faucet Replacement

Service Overview

A new faucet adds a nice touch to any sink in your home. We offer hundreds of styles from trusted brands. After you find your favorite faucet, our licensed installers handle your installation quickly and correctly, saving you the hassle of connecting water supply lines and applying sealants. To help you decide, check out our bath faucet or kitchen faucet buying guides.

If you haven’t started your project yet, you can purchase a new faucet online or in-store, choosing from thousands of faucet styles and top brands, and add professional in-home installation for ease and convenience. Or maybe you’ve already purchased a faucet from Cunano Builders  and ran into problems trying to install it yourself or no longer have the time to install your new faucet. Call or visit the Service Desk at your local Cunano Builders store, and we can help you finish the job and make sure it’s installed correctly.


Faucet Replacement$


Whether you purchase a faucet, we can install it for you. Just call or visit the web site and make appointment.

Our faucet installation service includes removal and disposal of your old faucet, installation of your newly purchased faucet, attachment of new supply lines, testing of the new faucet and debris cleanup. Please note that a faucet is not included in the price of installation.

Additional charges may apply for drain repair or to replace supply lines and shutoff valves. We may need to do a site visit before quoting specialty and wall-mounted sink faucets due to the complexity of these installations. Installation costs vary, and prices are subject to change.
No. Replacing bathtub and shower faucets often requires access to inside walls, with extensive finish work involved, which is not included in our faucet installation service. Currently, we only install kitchen and bath sink faucets.

Yes. In addition to your new faucet, you will need to provide the supply lines for us to install.

No. Our local plumbers can only install a new faucet using existing holes. If your project requires drilling new holes through your counter, you’ll need to arrange to have that work done before your faucet installation appointment. If your new faucet has fewer holes than your existing faucet, you can provide a deck plate to cover the unused holes.

No. Our in-home faucet installation service is only available for faucets purchased from Cunano Builders.