Electrical Wiring Installation

Electrical Wiring Installation

Service Overview

If you’re adding an electrical device in a spot that has never been wired for it, you’ll need a qualified electrician to prepare the site. A pro will install the correct wire, switch or outlet and make any needed changes to your electrical panel.

Whether you’re just adding a single light or appliance or expanding your home with a room addition or conversion, correct installation of wiring is essential for the safe operation of any electrical device. A licensed and insured electrician will follow local codes to ensure both your safety and reliable performance. Your pro will plan the job in advance to give you an accurate estimate of the time and expense involved and to help you plan for related repairs to walls, ceilings or floors.


Electrical Wiring Installation$


The cost to install wiring depends on the job. Some types of installations are charged according to the number of outlets installed, while others may be based on the time it takes to complete the installation or the materials involved. Labor rates for electricians vary widely from place to place, but it’s common to pay between $150-$350 per outlet or $60-$150 per hour for a licensed electrician’s services.

The time needed to install wiring varies with the nature and scale of the job. Adding an outlet or fixture to an existing circuit can take just a few hours, while setting up a new circuit could take a full day or more. Wiring a room addition or an entire home may take several days. Accessibility can also play a role in how long the job will take. In a new construction or remodel setting where framing is exposed, wiring work tends to go faster than when wires must be snaked through finished surfaces or walls opened to allow access for running wire. Depending on the work involved, part or all of your home may be without power during some phases of the installation.

Most local codes require electrical wiring installation to be done by a licensed electrician. This ensures the work will meet safety standards and protects you from injury, loss, and liability. In locations where wire can be installed without a license, hiring a qualified electrician is the best way to make sure your wiring is installed correctly.

A number of projects might call for the installation of new wiring, from adding a light fixture in a new spot to the construction of a new room. If you’re installing a new fixture, device or appliance in a location that does not have an adequate power supply, you’ll likely need an electrician to run new wires, switches, receptacles, or an entire circuit to accommodate the change.