Electric Wall Heater Installation

Electric Wall Heater Installation

Service Overview

Wall mounted electric heaters offer a cost-effective way to warm areas of your home that need occasional supplemental heat or aren’t served well by your central heating system. Installing these heaters requires very little preparation, and they do not require special ventilation or access to fuel lines.

Electric wall heaters can be installed in virtually any room in your home. A licensed electrician can help you choose a model that’s well suited for your application and inspect your home’s electrical system to see how much work is needed to provide a safe and adequate power supply. On installation day, your electrician will make the necessary changes to your electrical panel, run wiring, and mount and connect your new electric wall heater.


Electric Wall Heater Installation$


Installation rates for electric wall heaters vary depending on the type of heater selected and how much prep work is needed. Labor costs range from $85-$200. If your project requires extensive electrical work the cost may increase by $400 or more. The heater itself can cost between $100-$500.

Most wall heaters can be installed in less than a day. It can take longer if your wiring isn’t easily accessible or your model has an integrated thermostat. If you need to run new wires or add a breaker to your electrical panel, the job may extend several hours.

Electric wall heaters can be easily placed in a variety of areas and offer an economical solution for heating rooms that are small, used infrequently, or are not heated well by your primary system. Modern units are controlled by a thermostat and do not require access to ducting or fuel lines.

Unless you have electrical experience, all electrical projects should be completed by a licensed electrician, including electric wall heater installation. A qualified electrician can help you select the right heater for your project, and ensure it is installed safely and correctly.

Electric wall heaters can be surface mounted or recessed in an interior wall. Convection heaters use fans to force hot air throughout a room, while radiant units distribute heat by warming objects. Micathermic models use a combination of both methods. Your electrician can help you select the best option for your needs.

To select the right size unit, you should consider the size of the area you wish to heat. Most pros recommend heaters sized at 10 watts per square foot of space.