CleanCut Tub Installation

CleanCut Tub Installation

Service Overview

Our affordable bathtub products help reduce the possibility of falls and provide easier accessibility without removing the existing bathtub. Installation includes removing a section of the bathtub and custom fitting the resulting opening with one of our tub modification inserts.

There are three different CleanCut product options to fit your needs. The CleanCut Step converts your existing tub to a step-in shower and is the most affordable option. The CleanCut Ultra-Low is designed to fit high-profile tubs. The CleanCut Convertible allows you to use the tub as a step-in shower or full bath by including a watertight plug that locks on and off. All products give you safer accessibility into the tub and can be combined with the installation of easy-to-reach handheld showers, grab bars and shower seats.

With Cunano Builders, your installation is an easy, convenient process. From your initial FREE in-home consultation to your final inspection, our contractors make sure the project is done right.

Bathtub Conversion

Tub conversions are a convenient, easy way to increase the functionality of your bathroom without an expensive remodel. Converting your normal bathtub to be more accessible with modification products like grab bars can increase your safety when using the bathtub. Get your tub conversion insert installed by our professional installers, who will cut out an opening from your existing tub to install a CleanCut Step, Ultra-Low or Convertible. This new feature allows for safer entry and exit by removing the need to step over the tub wall.

Cost of CleanCut Tubs

If you get a CleanCut product installed in your bathroom, Cunano Builders offers affordable credit options to make paying for your bathtub conversion easier. Installation of a CleanCut product is an affordable alternative to a walk-in tub or full bathroom renovation, and is installed in just 2 to 4 hours. Schedule a FREE in-home consultation today to learn more about our CleanCut products and their cost.

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CleanCut can be installed on any existing fiberglass, steel, or cast iron bathtub.

Our professional installers can transform your existing tub into a CleanCut Tub in just two to four hours.

Our CleanCut Convertible option includes a watertight plug that locks on and off in moments. Installation includes a waterproof membrane in addition to the watertight plug.

CleanCut is an excellent addition to homes with seniors or people with disabilities. The CleanCut options provide safe access to showers and tubs at an affordable price while giving your loved ones more independence.

We recommend you wait at least two days after installation before using your tub to allow the adhesive to fully dry.

For full bath functionality while still having a step-through tub, we recommend the Convertible. This is the fastest growing and most versatile product. It comes with a removable center plug that locks on and off in moments, allowing you to transition from step-in shower to full bath. This allows you to keep the future value of the tub and is great for multi-generational homes and changing needs.