Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fan Installation

Service Overview

Your ceiling fan plays an important part in keeping your home comfortable. No matter the season, a ceiling fan helps circulate conditioned air, making your heating and cooling system more efficient. It can even lowering heating and cooling costs.

If your ceiling fan wobbles, makes noises or just won’t work reliably, it’s time to call in a pro to diagnose the problem. An electrician can evaluate your fan’s components and connections to provide safe and reliable repair. If repairs aren’t practical, they can help you select a replacement and install it in no time.


Ceiling Fan Installation$


Ceiling fan repairs average between $85-$175. However, depending on the complexity of your electrical work, repairs could cost as much as $300.

Your electrician may need to remove your ceiling fan before starting repairs and do some testing on the wiring in your home. Depending on the nature of the problem, fixing your ceiling fan could take one to three hours.

Common repairs include replacing a fan chain, changing a switch or ceiling fan capacitor, or fixing wiring issues within the fan or the home. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to install a replacement. An electrician can help you determine whether it makes more sense to repair your existing ceiling fan or invest in a new one.

Your ceiling fan may need repairs if it’s wobbling, making unusual noises or isn’t working well. To prevent injury or damage, it’s best to let a qualified electrician safely handle your project.

Your fan can make unusual noises for a number of reasons including loose screws, unbalanced blades and improper mounting. However, most humming is caused by problems with the fan’s motor or electrical supply. An experienced pro can troubleshoot your fan’s issues and make repairs as needed.

Wobbling usually occurs when a ceiling fan’s blades are out of balance or adjustment. However, they may be the first symptom of a more serious problem, such as how the fan is secured to the electrical box. An electrician may need to simply adjust the blades and hardware or check the fan’s connection to your home’s wiring and mounting.

There are a number of reasons why your ceiling fan won’t turn on. It may be a problem with an electrical connection, switch or wiring in your home. It could also be an issue with the fan’s motor or internal wiring. Since this type of trouble almost always stems from an electrical issue, hiring a pro is the safest way to diagnose and solve the problem.