Cabinet Hardware Installation

Cabinet Hardware Installation

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Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, home office or family room, cabinet hardware can make a big impact on the look of any room. Adding or changing cabinet and drawer pulls or handles is a great way to make an economical update to your cabinets or to put the finishing touch on a new cabinet installation.

Installing cabinet hardware can be more challenging than you might expect, though. Careful measuring and drilling are necessary to ensure your handles, knobs, or other hardware are installed correctly and evenly, without damaging your cabinet doors or drawer fronts. If you’re replacing old hardware with new, some patching and refinishing may be in order to conceal holes or blemishes left by the old hardware.

Ensure your new cabinet hardware looks and functions perfectly by trusting the job to a pro. They’ll have the tools and know-how to get the job done quickly and correctly so you can skip the hassle and enjoy the new look.


Cabinet Hardware Installation$


Hardware installation costs depend on a number of factors including cabinet condition, the type of cabinetry, the nature of the project and your location. On average, a simple job such as installing cabinet pulls will cost between $100-$300. Projects that require extensive prep or repair work, hinge installation or a large number of cabinets will cost more.

Common cabinet hardware installations include knobs, pulls, hinges, backplates, latches and drawer slides. Most come in a wide variety of styles from traditional to contemporary and finishes from chrome, brass and bronze to iron, nickel and steel.

Most cabinet hardware installations will be completed in a few hours or less. Larger scale projects, such as those that call for customizing screws or fitting hinges as well as pulls, could take a full day.

Most cabinets are not pre-drilled to accept handles or pulls. Holes must be carefully drilled to allow for installing specific cabinet hardware. This type of installation requires patience and attention to detail with mistakes being hard to correct. It’s best to put it in the hands of an experienced pro so you can have confidence that your hardware is installed properly and without damage to your cabinetry.