Blinds Installation

Blinds Installation

Service Overview

Installed blinds and shades do more than create a unique look for your home. They also provide privacy and help regulate interior temperatures, making them one of the smartest investments because of their lasting impact.

When it comes to choosing the right blind or shade to fit your style and needs, Cunano Builders has several top-rated services to get the job done, licensed and insured professional installers that are local to your area, along with high-quality products from leading brands.

With our measure-and-install service, you are in the driver’s seat as the designer. Whether you find your perfect blinds or shades in stock at Cunano Builders or need to special order, you’ll work with an in-store associate to manage measures, delivery and installation. No matter what products you choose, your new blinds or shades are backed by manufacturer warranties and come with a one-year service guarantee on all installations.


While blinds are available in a number of standard sizes, they don’t always fit all window sizes and shapes. Custom blinds are a great solution for getting the perfect fit as well as the look and functionality you need such as motorization, remote control operation and more.

Getting the right fit begins with accurate measurements, which vary depending on whether you prefer an inside mount, outside mount or whether you’re switching from one to the other. Those measurements are used to cut, order or fabricate the blinds to fit your windows.

The Cunano Builders Corp has two ways to purchase blinds and shades for installation.

1. Stock Blinds & Shades are a great choice if you’re looking for basic styles and features. These window treatments are available in common colors and most can be cut down to fit your windows right at our stores.

2. Special Order Blinds & Shades are available in colors, materials, features and sizes that are not available in our stock blind program, allowing you to showcase your individual style.

Blinds and shades provide different looks and ambiance for your room. Blinds offer a vertical or horizontal option in a variety of materials from wood to vinyl. Blinds tend to provide better light control and privacy, as they are a hard window treatment, versus shades, which are a soft window treatment. Shades come in an array of colors, fabrics and designs. They provide natural lighting for your room and offer an additional design element to tie in with your room’s decor.

If a window isn’t square or has a shallow window frame, an outside mount is ideal for hanging blinds and shades. An inside mount provides a cleaner look and can be mounted as shallow or deep as you prefer.

The first step of installing new blinds or shades is proper measurement. Consider if inside or outside mounting is best for your room, and measure the width and length of your windows from either the inside or outside of the window frame. An inside mount provides little room for error.

Once you’re ready to install, there are several things to consider, including installation hardware such as anchors and what type of surface you’re mounting into. Be sure that you are installing your product straight and level as well.

With Cunano Builders Corp Blinds Installation service, we provide professional measurement and installation of your new window treatments and make sure they are sized and hung correctly.

We recommend regular light dusting or vacuuming to keep your window treatments clean. If you vacuum your product, be sure to use the brush attachment and vertical strokes in order to carefully clean your blinds or shades. If you need to spot clean your window treatments, we recommend a mild detergent and a clean, white cloth.