benefits and features of impact windows

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benefits and features of impact windows

Impact windows are especially affected to withstand all kinds of blows, whether due to flying debris produced by any natural phenomenon or a common resident, thus preventing the penetration of the window. Impact windows help insulate the interior of the home from inclement weather, natural disasters, or banking, being these of great importance in areas
where hurricanes and violent storms are more present with strong winds that can become a big problem.

These windows are recommended for residences and businesses that are located in unsafe neighborhoods or prone to being vandalized, as well as in states where the risks of natural events are high. States along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico, which includes Miami, where the dangers from the strong winds produced by a hurricane are eminent.

How inclement weather affects normal windows and the interior of your home.

When strong winds and flying debris hit normal windows, these windows can break and even lead shards of broken glass into the home, embedded in furniture, wood, and could even injure some of the inhabitants.

Also, once high-speed winds train in the building, the pressure will build up, wreaking havoc inside the home and causing damage to furniture, appliances, decorations, among others, and may even damage to the building, making it completely an unsafe place.

Benefits of impact windows.

Helps conserve energy – impact windows not only protect your building from strong winds and flying debris but also help conserve energy, as they feature tinted glass and higher expressive, so the air conditioning is not in constant operation and therefore more energy is saved in the home.

Increase the security of your building – Impact windows can also increase the security of your building since its hardness and resistance serve as an anti-shock shield making it less likely to break completely preventing a vandal or thief from entering your home. Building through one of the impact windows, these being resistant to breakage.

Reduces harmful UV rays by 99%, especially tinted impact windows help reduce UV rays that color your furniture, deteriorating leather and fabric, as well as your artwork.

Sound Reduction – Impact windows also reduce the noise generated outside, thus protecting the home from noise pollution, allowing for a quieter and more relaxing environment.

You can lower your insurance rates – Many insurance companies in areas where wind and flying debris make window breaks more common than they occur, offer much higher than normal insurance rates, such as impact windows It would allow you to reduce your home insurance.
Increase the value of your building – Home and building owners who have impact windows installed reduce the value of their buildings by obtaining a higher price in case they decide to sell the building.

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